By Calvin and Dylan Soh

The Big Red Dot is a tale for all of us, big or small.
I wrote this story in collaboration with my children. The illustrations are by my son, Dylan who interpreted it in his own distinct style.
It’s a story of self-discovery, self-confidence and self-belief. It incorporates the 21st century life skills and values I feel are important, like curiosity, creativity, self-confidence, resilience, adaptability, empathy  and the courage to constantly ask “Why?” and “Why not?” At least, I think they are.
You may wonder are these values and skills really that important? In this exponentially changing world, where our children are being educated for a job that doesn’t exist yet, or that may be obsolete when they graduate, you can bet your Bitcoin it is.
It is a very simple yet complex story. You can read this story and relate an experience in your life to bring it to life. Similarly, ask your child to do the same. You can keep reading this story over the years and the experiences will evolve, lending greater depth, meaning and most importantly, understanding of life. You’ll be closer for it.
And hopefully, you will find the Big Red Dot that lives in your child and you.


The Big Red Dot Limited Edition