Your questions answered! If you have more enquiries, drop us an email at Calvin@nineninepercent.com

Is it available in bookstores?

Currently, The Big Red Dot is only available on bigreddot.sg We will let you know if it’s available elsewhere. We certainly hope so!


How will I receive it?

After paying either via credit card or Paypal, we will process it as soon as possible. It will be delivered by registered mail and will be trackable.

This is a family and friend run operation from home.


Can I choose my serial number?

I wish we could allow that but we can’t. Think of it this way, whatever number you get is a lucky number that’s worth a little wager, perhaps?


Who should I give the other book to?

To someone who is finding their big red dot. Maybe a friend, an ex, an enemy, a playground bully who’s actually lonely and wants to be friends but doesn’t know how…Write your thoughts down and pay it forward meaningfully.


How should I read it?

Best read with someone and share your experiences together. Ask each other what’s the big rocks that were in your way recently? Which raging river did you have to cross? Who pooped on you? You’ll be closer for it when you do that. Poop tends to do that.


Why are the front covers of the two books slightly different?

Because they are printed on different papers, the ink absorption is different so there will be a tiny variation in the red. Dylan designed the front cover so it looks like the little red dot is in a spotlight.


Did Dylan really illustrate this book?

Yes. On our Jack Russell Terrier named Pai Kia, Dylan did do this. We discussed the storyline and he interpreted what the characters would look like and how each scene is framed. He wanted it sparse and simple so we focus on the story. It is very hard to draw simply well.


Is this for adults too?

Of course, sometimes adults misplace their big red dot too. No matter how old we get, there will be moments of uncertainty. That’s when you need to sing The Song of Try. Sing it loud and proud everywhere.


We hope we have answered your questions!